I guess I like to cook…

This is Tinga de Pollo, spicy chicken that can be used for tacos, burritos, mixed with eggs for breakfast…whatever, a phenomenal recipe I found at Crepes of Wrath, a food blog which I will be using lots more recipes from in the future!

This is the fresca pico de gallo which is great!  Both times I made the recipe the pico was gone after the first serving; also found on crepes of wrath.

This is the finished taco!  Nom Nom Nom 🙂

I found the recipe for these beer battered avocado wedges on Vegan Appetite but because I am in no way a vegan/vegetarian/non eating meat person, I had to add something to make it my own…BACON!  I slow cooked the bacon first to make sure it would be completely done when I deep fried the whole beer battered concoction.  Needless to say turned out well and the plate was left empty and grease stained!  Next time I’m thinking of bacon and cream cheese…my mouth is salivating at the thought of it!

This salad is something of my own creation although I’ve taken ideas from other salads I’ve had in the past.  I used baby green salad, the one all ready to eat in the package.  I chopped up some tomatoes and red onion, used a few slices of bacon, avocado, sliced strawberries, and topped it all off with feta cheese.  I used oil and vinegar dressing, but only because I couldn’t find balsamic vinaigrette at the store, but it was still very very tasty!

If you find any cool recipes, which is what I spend a good part of my time doing, feel free to post them and I’ll cook them.  I eventually want to start a whole other food blog, or maybe just a page for just food on this one, so keep checking back!


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  1. Looks great! Thanks for visiting my site! The avocado and bacon looks delicious, too!

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