I’m gonna get my rant on…

This rant is mainly for all the men in the world.  I’ve had a bit to drink so my honesty is a flowin…

Just stop saying shit you don’t mean.  That is all you have to do and you will solve a lot of problems.  Just don’t say those things.  It’s not hard, no one is forcing you to, and although it might be nice to know you are making a woman feel all warm and cuddly inside, but when push comes to shove and you aren’t there to hold your ground…then what?  You just started this whole fucking self-deprecating bullshit process all over again for said woman.  I know that I am fucking awesome, and love it when you constitute the fact with all your gestures and words, but you don’t have to get all serious about it.  Don’t you understand that when you say something to a woman, she actually listens?  She thinks about those things you said, and actually considers them?  I guess not.  Because if you did, you would not say those things, so we-future-make my heart flutter-things, and then just go away…just fucking disappear…I hate you for saying those things…I do,   I really fuckin do.


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