I’m getting rid of my braces

So I’m getting my braces taken off next Wednesday morning.

I’m nervous. Super nervous.

Last appointment my doctor said I would only need to be in them a couple more months. But then asked if I wanted them off for a special occasion. I said no at the time but I’ve been thinking every day about getting them off and decided to just call and make an appointment.

Now I don’t know much about orthodontics beside what I’ve read online at archwired so I’m guessing he probably shouldn’t have made the offer unless it wasn’t going to totally ruin my treatment.

I’m having a bonded retainer installed and I definitely will verify with him when I go in that everything is fine. I know my teeth are not perfect. I knew that was not going to happen without surgery but my main concerns have been taken care of. I think elastics might tighten up the bite if I wore them longer but that’s the only thing that would change, and that’s not guaranteed. My friends all think my teeth look great and they are part of the reason I wanted braces in the first place since they a had them as a child and have great looking teeth.

Anyways, I have my appointment next week, and am super stoked for my slimy teeth to chomp on some corn on the cob.


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One Response to I’m getting rid of my braces

  1. I just had my braces removed yesterday and it feels great! My teeth are so smoothed now, I can’t stop rolling my tongue over them πŸ™‚ Anyway, the removal is painless and absolutely nothing to worry about. Good luck!

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