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Day 1…NOT…one day…

It’s been several years since I’ve even looked at this blog and that’s probably because I spend so much time on all other avenues of social media scrolling and scrolling, I forgot about my dear little blog. But a recent … Continue reading

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New Year, New Post

It seems I manage about a post, a year either way, so here goes. I did not make any resolutions this year, because I’m either too cynical or too realistic to do something as silly as that. ย I made a … Continue reading

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I’m getting rid of my braces

So I’m getting my braces taken off next Wednesday morning. I’m nervous. Super nervous. Last appointment my doctor said I would only need to be in them a couple more months. But then asked if I wanted them off for … Continue reading

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Poem of the Day

Poem of the Day Continue reading

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Daylight Savings Haiku

Spring forward into me, shifting time’s balance as minutes fall back

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I just can’t seem to keep up

So here’s a random update on all things that I find relevant in my life at this very moment. I’ve applied to grad school for my MFA in Creative Writing to three schools.ย  There were many more on the list, … Continue reading

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New Voices Reading

AKA shameless self-promotion and promotion of other writers I adore…Check it out! Audio links included

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