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New Voices Reading

AKA shameless self-promotion and promotion of other writers I adore…Check it out! Audio links included Advertisements

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I know you see it but, well actually, I don’t know. I think. I think you see it but, how can I be sure I really think that? How can I think I know you see it? You could be … Continue reading

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Airplane Wishes (Reverse Haiku)

thought i           saw a             shooting star it was just a plane but i             made a wish              anyway to see the html-fun version click here post script edit: just … Continue reading

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Inspired by the words of wisdom, I took to writing and…

boy is it going to be a long day tomorrow. I just started this new job, third of day of training, and today (well technically yesterday) is going to be tough. It’s quite tedious, but I guess every new job … Continue reading

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major M?U?N?I changes

Heels and a thin coat. Scissors cut like wind. 4 minutes. Arriving. Hidden in the shadows of a bitch bus driver and disbelief. A squeal of pressure is my savior, Four minutes later.

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I got accepted…again!

This time a poem in a literary magazine inspired by felines…the issue I will be published in is The Feline Musecontingent…here’s the poem. Inquiry into Felinity (Reverse Hya(na)ku) The silence of his thoughts are ripe in curiosity. They tickle my … Continue reading

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