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Giving credit where credit is due…great writing for your eye balls, check him out because I said so…http://normanshine.wordpress.com/




It almost hurts to update since it’s been so long, but I will endure in order to give the web-o-sphere another blog to check out!

Head on over to le fancy geek and check out the wonderful writings of a former classmate!

Adventures to the Walt Disney Home in SF

More fun to follow at Zoomdoggle!  My favorite so far is the Fun-O Meter…check it out!

Go here and scroll

I think I’m obsessing over food lately because I’m kinda, well homeless, so I can’t cook like I love to, but that doesn’t stop me from satisfying the urge with some more food porn…and this time it’s a quick and easy one…the only thing I like that way.  Check out this recipe for green chili chicken & lime soup at Gimme Some Oven.

I’m a foodie, I know. But I mean look at this, you know you just want one heavenly bite! Find more sweet stuff to satisfy your cravings at The Baker’s Daughter.

Check out The Parsley Thief for this delicious recipe for BBQ Chicken and many many more!

I want some….

The title says it all: Poorly Dressed People of the World- Fashion Fails (it’s a WordPress so you know it’s cool)

I feel like life is one big test, and apparently so does Matt, the writer of the blog: how to GET A GRIP.

The internet is vast and wide like my capacity to watch dogs play in the park, but I have found a true gem.  Beauty, compassion, and an intimate authorial honesty that tugs on the tears behind my eyes.  Visit Phillip Toledano’s page Days with My Father to see what I mean.

by Phillip Toledano

They just don’t stop coming in…here’s another for you to check out…great poetry here at A Girl Named Rio.

“I’d like to find me too but i don’t think a map will help.”

Ready to get impulsive…I think so…so go check out Impulsive Ideation…not it’s not a word and that doesn’t matter because this blog is full of amazing photography and ideas…get it…so check it out…NOW!

new friends to follow…Our shoes leave trails of mud for days

So if you still haven’t realized I am a FOODIE!  And I found a new friend to steal recipes from: shutterbean!  What more could one want on that fateful day of the twentieth of April then garlic butter rolls?  YUM!

So much goodness in the web so I’m bringing you another foodie favorite: Out, Chef, a chronicle of a father teaching his kids how to cook.  Can you say great story idea?  Anyways check out this blog for some rad recipes.

Really making waves now..check out She Was Romantic Before You Really Got to Know Her…a writing blog by a crafty poet/managing editor, D. W. Lichtenberg, studying right here in San Francisco.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic—————————————————————————————————————————————————

New up to the list is one for the writers…The Compulsive Copyeditor a fellow wordpress blog, do check it out for some great tips on writing and perspectives on the role of copy editing.

Image and video  hosting by TinyPic—————————————————————————————————————————————————

I figure by linking her up here, she’ll have to put more of her work…A Broome That’s Not for SweepingImage and video hosting by TinyPic

Come one, come all…lend me your ear…to hear a new voice…one I like very much.

My friend Sunshine’s blog…lots of great photography with some wild and crazy captions.  Check it.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

PRIMA/DONA…some really sick photography…I’m into it.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

gorilla vs bear


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