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*newly updated page, since I sadly watch more television than listen to music these days*

The Killing- I hopped on board the bandwagon late in the game, and boy am I glad that I did.  I’m a big fan of murder mystery/crime drama shows, so when I heard all the hype about this one, I couldn’t stay away.  And I wasn’t disappointed, not totally.  I don’t want to include any spoilers so I will be brief, the characters are worth getting invested in, and trust me you will, being that the plot moves at a pretty slow pace in comparison to most crime shows.

As I stated previously, I didn’t watch the show on a weekly basis, I started watching it online the week before the finale aired so I didn’t have the anxious tension from week to week, so my review may be biased when it comes to the finale.  If you have watched the season in its entirety, you will have one of two opinions.  One, anger, rage, frustration, aggravation and complete vexation.  And two, MORE dammit, give me more!

Other shows I’m hooked on…

White Collar- I mean who doesn’t love Matt Bomer in a suit?!  And speaking of…

Suits- another USA great!  Now I may be biased because I just adore USA originals, but I’m liking where this show is going, it’s not there yet, but with some work can be a hit.

I’m not sure about the protagonist, Mike Ross played by Patrick J. Adams–whose voice I just realized is featured in Dragon Age: Origins (one of my favorite RPG’s).  I like him, and he’s easy enough of to like, but I also feel like he’s easy enough to forget.

I like the premise, but I just don’t feel it gripped me the way the other USA originals have.  And the other main character, Harvey Spector played by Gabriel Macht, just seems to be trying too hard…if that makes sense? I might just be comparing too early on, but the originality that I expect out of USA just wasn’t there, but that doesn’t mean it can’t get there, with a few changes, although there were some great one-liners.  For example when Mike’s drug dealer-best friend says something like: I can’t live with things like this between us, and Mike says: well you should kill yourself.

It made me laugh, so I will be tuning in and hoping it catches on.

Shows that I will continue to be a fan of:

Covert Affairs- It’s all around entertaining, gotta love a spy show!  And speaking of spies…

Burn Notice- Michael Weston: nuff said.

So You Think You Can Dance- not excited with the first elimination episode, since Simon forced a double elimination and sent home Nick and Iveta…I’m not sure how the fans are going to react to future eliminations.  I know I wasn’t thrilled with the decision.

The Voice- although it is ending.  We’ve got one more and I’m really excited about this show because it stayed authentic to the purpose of the show, and tried to remain over-produced.  I do think it edged it’s way across the over-production line in the semi-finals, but I honestly feel that was in large part due to the judges’ doing.

If you watched this season, you will see it is evident that the producers that a clear idea of what the show was supposed to be but I don’t think it was very well conceived past that point.  In my opinion, after the teams were selected and the battles, a lot of the entertainment value was lost due to the big lights and dancers.  It was evident that Adam had the best team, and the best management style because he kept true to the voice of his singers.  The other coaches seemed to be reaching for more tricks with the lesser performers.

And I just have to say this one thing about Blake, what is this guy on? I mean he makes some really outlandish comments throughout the show, and just doesn’t seem to know what to say.  And he doesn’t seem to know how to coach very well either.  Which was a good thing for Dia who was given free reign to take out her competition, but not so much for Xenia- who I feel with more direction would have really had a chance.

All in all, with a second season, I think some of the structural kinks will be worked out and it will shatter American Idol in the rating (but I don’t watch AI anyways).



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