I’m gonna get my rant on…

This rant is mainly for all the men in the world.  I’ve had a bit to drink so my honesty is a flowin…

Just stop saying shit you don’t mean.  That is all you have to do and you will solve a lot of problems.  Just don’t say those things.  It’s not hard, no one is forcing you to, and although it might be nice to know you are making a woman feel all warm and cuddly inside, but when push comes to shove and you aren’t there to hold your ground…then what?  You just started this whole fucking self-deprecating bullshit process all over again for said woman.  I know that I am fucking awesome, and love it when you constitute the fact with all your gestures and words, but you don’t have to get all serious about it.  Don’t you understand that when you say something to a woman, she actually listens?  She thinks about those things you said, and actually considers them?  I guess not.  Because if you did, you would not say those things, so we-future-make my heart flutter-things, and then just go away…just fucking disappear…I hate you for saying those things…I do,   I really fuckin do.

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This is Henrietta Lacks

All throughout San Diego college campuses are studying this woman’s history and will be putting on events next week to honor her contribution to the scientific world.

I am not ashamed to say I did not who very much about this woman until just a few days ago.

I am currently taking classes at Grossmont College, and my poetry class is collaborating with one of the art classes to create poems based on artistic representations of their knowledge of this woman. I think is all amazing, as I’ve talked to people in the scientific community who are completely unaware of this woman, her history, and the world changing impact she’s had on our world, after she died.

Rebecca Skloot, author of The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, will be speaking at Grossmont College about her book at the end of this honorary week. I’ve only just started the book, but inspiration for my poetry has already started to develop.

If you don’t know much about this woman, or the famous HeLa cell, I encourage you to put it on your list of googles; and if you have time pick up the book. Even the introduction is fantastic. I am so thankful to be a part of this project, and cannot wait to see the poetry my classmates will be putting out for this study.

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I am writer…hear me roar

And I’m back!

I have an excuse for not blogging though.  I work two jobs and go to school, so yeah ha!  And my laptop screen has died so I can only use it when it’s hooked in to the television.  So I mainly use it to catch an episode of Survivor before I pass out for a few hours before waking up to go to work…again.

I’m turning 25 in just a few months and trying to figure out my next big move for my life.  I’m thinking of applying to a few MFA programs, which I really need to stop thinking about, and just do it.  My main issue is the lack of time, but I’m taking some writing classes in order to build up my manuscript.  The letters of rec and statement of purpose are next on the list, but man, I’m just so tired at the end of every day that I don’t have the energy.  Blah.  I’m working at my alma mater as a tutor, which I must say is probably the most interesting job I’ve ever had.  You can only imagine the conversations I overhear, and they all have tattoos.  It’s astounding.

Staring to submit more work, but this lack of a laptop is really halting the writing/blogging/submission process.  But I will endure.  I’m hoping to save up some money at some point, but with a speeding ticket, gas money, braces, and copays, I’m not sure when I will be able to “treat myself”.

Soon to post some poetry/fiction…need to carve out some time, and get on it.

By the way watching The Real Housewives NJ Finale (part one)…and Teresa is a nut job, end of story.

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Too much television…not enough time

It’s already July!  I’m really slacking lately, but I’m going to get back on track shortly!

Let’s start with what I’m watching, and what I need to be!

Royal Pains is finally back and needless to stay my heart is a flutter.  I’m so glad that everyone is back in the Hamptons besides Winkler Jr.  I haven’t done any research, but I’m hoping he makes an appearance at some point this season.  I’m looking forward to seeing how the big move turns out especially with Divya tagging along, only time will tell.

I am foodie fanatic so I love Rocco’s Dinner Party on Bravo and Next Food Network Star on..you guessed it–the Food Network.  Rocco’s Dinner Party is similar to chopped, with some hosting/styling tips included.  It’s a new show on Bravo this summer and I have a feeling it will make it to a second season.

Franklin and Bash is a new show on TNT that I’m glad to watch weekly for a few good legal laughs.  And I would be a fool to not want to watch Mark-Paul Gosselar in a suit every week.  Is it me or does he still look just as good looking as he did as Zack Morris?  And Breckin Meyer is the perfect match to make this duo quite the summer success.

Shows I need to catch up on are Necessary Roughness and America’s Got Talent.  I love USA so I’m hoping this premiere is a good one.  Suits is…okay…I’ll probably give it one more episode before it gets dropped from my schedule.

So you think you can dance made a triumphant return from the dreadful double elimination in my opinion.  I have yet to watch this week’s episode, but there are definitely some strong dancers this summer.  I have my own predictions at who might win this season but I’ll keep that to myself for the time being.

Hoping everyone had a great 4th of July, happy reading, writing, and tv watching!

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Boob Tube Junkie

I just couldn’t contain it all to one page…so I decided to do a featured review post and the others will be posted here.

This week’s feature will be a double review because I’m sort of obsessed with both.

First of all, like many of you, I’m glad to see Louie is back for a second season on FX.  I know it’s self-deprecating, but it’s true, and it’s honest, and it’s funny.  And no matter how sorry he might make you feel for him, there’s always humor in it. One part of this show that I find truly endearing is the life lessons Louis renders down from his shitty life experiences, and then tries his best to instill in his daughters.  The relationship is one that I think compels the show further and helps the viewer connect with Louis.


For those of you, who didn’t get a chance to watch Louie in it’s first season, I would say watch it, especially if you are unaware of the comedic styling of Louis C.K.  Otherwise it may come off as abrupt.  But for fans of his work, I think you’ll appreciate the realistic tempo of his comedy.  And if you follow his “real life” it’s all the more authentic.

And the characters are never fluff.  They are immediate and impactful, and then they exit, and another shows up.  It truly is one of a kind, satire, reality-stand up, and autobiography.  I suggest taking a peak if you enjoy any of his stand up, Trailer Park Boys, The League, or early seasons of Entourage (not that they are similar, but because that’s my taste in humor).  FX Thursdays at 10pm

Another show I will definitely be tuning into weekly is The Challenge: Rivals.

Now for those of you who don’t watch the challenges, then this is probably just another reality tv show, but if you do, then you know why I’m obsessed.  Because it’s just going to be a train wreck of drunkeness, vulgarity, and drama, and won’t stop until everyone is left bloody, broken, and back-stabbed.  And I just cannot wait for more.

This week in the premiere episode, we were introduced to show and it’s structure, teams, and voting protocol.  And it’s all pretty simple, each team is made of two same sex players who have some kind of issue with one another from past seasons of The Real World or Fresh Meat…to my knowledge there’s no Road Rules peeps on this challenge.  They all compete in the challenge for moolah; and each week one sex is competing for immunity as well from “The Jungle”.  The Jungle is the battle where the losing team(women or men)from the group challenge, and one other team(women or men) voted upon by the group (quite hastily thus far) are sent in–one comes back; and then it happens again the following week with the opposite sex until the teams of two are narrowed down to the final six and compete in what appears to be a grueling mission for the big cash prize.

T.J. Lavin hosts what I think will be one of the best challenge shows in history due to all the chaos that has already begun with Adam being kicked off.  I’m glad they didn’t boot Leroy, but bringing in Dustin would have better suit the theme of the show than Mike Mike.  I’m guessing Dustin didn’t want to do the show for some reason or another, but it would have been quite the rival pair if he had.  If you need a little late light reality tv junk before bed, cuddle up with a bowl of ice cream and watch The Challenge: Rivals             MTV Wednesday 10pm

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I’m doing tv reviews now

I just decided.

I’m not sure how long this tangent will last, but due to my recent cold/flu like symptom infection that put my money maker out of commission, I’ve watched a lot of television.  And trust me, I watch a lot of television when I’m not sick, so this is hours upon hours.  And I must say, I watch some crap, especially when I’m sick, but I do get invested in quite a few on the top tier of television, in my oh so humble opinion.

I’m not one to jump into a show mid series, so I do spend a lot of time watching episodes back to back if I decide to watch a new show, which is what I did with the AMC original series The Killing.  You can take a peek at my spoiler free thoughts here!

I will also be including reviews, that are just my thoughts really, on the other shows I watch from time to time, but since I just finished that series and am starting/continuing on some new premieres, I feel like tv writing is something I can do for fun, while working out my writing muscles.  So there ya go…more to come soon!

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Stumble dubstep on your face

Look and listen

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