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I just can’t seem to keep up

So here’s a random update on all things that I find relevant in my life at this very moment. I’ve applied to grad school for my MFA in Creative Writing to three schools.  There were many more on the list, … Continue reading

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I am writer…hear me roar

And I’m back! I have an excuse for not blogging though.  I work two jobs and go to school, so yeah ha!  And my laptop screen has died so I can only use it when it’s hooked in to the … Continue reading

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Here’s go nothin

Turning twenty-four in four hours.  One more year down the drain.  The outlook is bleary, and obstinate to a point frustrated contention.  I feel blank.  Like a piece of scratch papers in a dusty wooden tray pushed into the corner. … Continue reading

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Is anybody out there?

Anybody? Anybody? Yoo-hoooooooo? Okay so now that I know no one is listening, I will update the invisible mass of nothingness about the life that is mine. I have been tragically negelcting my blog, as you, the vast white expanse … Continue reading

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Words of Wisdom of the Day

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Heeeeeyyyyyy Yooooouuuuuu Guuuuuyyyysssss!

I had the worst day ever.  But that’s not what I want to tell you what I want to update on is my recent publications!  I’ve been submitting like crazy lately, and have actually received some great responses.  The best … Continue reading

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manifesto: language is my guitar

A man sits at a desk wired to a speaker and some contraption with a bunch of knobs on it, something like a soundboard.  He flips the power switch and it lights up flashing red and green.  He starts reading … Continue reading

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